The world’s environment is facing the gravest threat ever known with rising pollution levels, deforestation, a thinning ozone layer and the legal and illegal pet trades. All these factors and more are contributing to a crisis that will wipe out many of the world’s creatures.


The National Zoo & Aquarium is contributing heavily to a large number of breeding programs that can help save a number of animals from extinction. You can help us to do this by becoming a member or by adopting an animal.


N.Z.A.C.T is a volunteer organisation that works hand in hand with the National Zoo & Aquarium and PACT, (Positive Actions Conservation Team). These three organisations are working together to save some of the worlds most endangered species from extinction. NZACT works with the National Zoo & Aquarium to help develop programs for species that are held in captivity and that are critically endangered in the wild. This is done through breeding programs and educating zoo visitors about the world and the part that these animals play.


Species at the zoo such as the Malayan Sun Bear and Sumatran Tiger have been a focus for the group.


The addition of Jamala Wildlife Lodge is a major step to bolster the programs that are run by the zoo. As the zoo was never set up to be a profit making enterprise and only receives outside funding from the private owners, the aim is that Jamala will contribute funds that will allow the zoo to continue to grow its contribution to helping protect the future of the animal kingdom. Jamala and its programs have also been designed to maximise the opportunity to subtly impress on its guests that everything possible should be done to ensure these magnificent animals must survive in the wild.

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