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What rooms have animals outside your window?

We have a number of rooms that have that animals outside your window – they are listed below: Ushaka Lodge The Capuchin rooms have capuchin monkey outside your window and a beautiful view of the zoo. The Reef room has a large, 4 metre deep aquarium featuring beautiful ocean fish covering one wall and also overlooks the hyena enclosure. The Shark Suite sits on top of the shark tank and although you can’t see them from your room, a guide takes you onto a balcony off your suite where you feed and pat the sharks. Meerkat Suite and Meerkat Room features a meerkat enclosure right on your door step. You can sit an watch them for hours from your room! Giraffe Treehouses The Giraffe Treehouses have our resident giraffe Humbekhali in the backyard and you get to do a feeding with our guides from your balcony on your day of arrival at 4pm after our afternoon tour. In the rare event that he doesn’t get to your balcony (he has about a 98% success rate over the last 6 months), we will take you to him. There are also friendly alpaca and fallow deer in your “front yard”. Jungle Bungalows Each Bungalow sits on the boundary of an enclosure that houses either a big cat or a bear and has four to six large windows looking directly into it. We have five different bungalows and although for various reasons you don’t get to pick which animal you stay with, all offer a remarkable experience.

What age restrictions are there?

Due to the safety regulations and the nature of our tours we can only accommodate children 6 years and over on our standard nights. We do have “Family nights” which are held once a month, where we allow children 4 years and older to stay (please refer to the link below to see family dates). We cannot accommodate children under 4 years of age to stay on any nights. We do also have some age restrictions with Jungle Bungalows. Our big cats see the children as prey and can hurt themselves trying to get to the children and will stalk the children in the rooms. Many animals react differently to children than to adults and these reactions often change. We therefore need to be mindful of this when allocating bungalows and that is why we leave it to the last minute. As of now, we can put children into bungalows as follows, but please note that this may change by the time you visit us. If so, we will be careful to put you into an appropriate bungalow. Sun Bear: children 6yo and older. Tiger and Cheetah: generally only children 14 years or older and a minimum of 1.5 metres tall. Lions: No children. With our additional encounters, children must be over 12 to participate in most of them and over 15 for our Meet a Cheetah encounter.   Family nights for 4 and 5 year olds:

What are the dinner arrangements?

At dinner you will join other guest’s at large tables for a fun African Style dinner party. This involves canapes and a beautiful four course set menu. Main course has two dishes to choose from that alternate each night. All dishes are prepared by our fantastic team of chefs. If you have any dietary requirements, please advise us at least 48 hours before arrival. Dinner will be served in the Rainforest Cave, or with maximum occupancy, guests staying in uShaka Lodge will dine upstairs alongside the sharks.

What about children’s dinner?

We give the younger ones an option for dinner. If you are bringing children, please advise us 48 hours in advance if you wish for them to have the children’s meal or the same dinner party style set menu as their parents. The children’s meal (alternates between chicken nuggets, fish pieces and grilled chicken served with either chips or mashed potato and vegetables) is served with the adult’s entrée at 7.15pm. Children who have this meal can then either stay with their parents, or join the guide for a great tour of the aquarium, while their parents enjoy their dinner. Good option for the younger ones! We have to advise our chefs early as to what food to prepare and if we don’t hear from you, children under 12 years of age will be fed the children’s meal and those 12yo and up (plus those where no age was shown), will have the adult set menu.

What are check in/out times?

On arrival at the Zoo, guests can park in the main car park and make their way through the landscaped gardens to the Jamala Wildlife Lodge entrance (or be dropped off at reception). Guests can check in to Jamala Wildlife Lodge any time between 1.30pm and 3.00pm (later check in is available, but please check with Jamala). Those checking in between 1.30pm and 3.00pm can go on a self guided Afternoon Tour. Those checking in after 2.00pm can explore the zoo or relax in uShaka Lodge until 3.00pm, when they will be taken to their rooms. Please note that due to animal encounters, access to your room is not available before this time. Check out time is 11am and unfortunately we cannot give late check outs as we have limited time to get rooms ready for incoming guests. Guests are welcome to explore the zoo, or you may also wish to undertake one of the zoo’s exciting animal encounters.

What are the two tours?

We have two optional tours while you are staying with us. The first afternoon tour is to the main part of the zoo. It is a self guided tour with a suggested trail and informative brochure provided to you at check in. The morning tour is mainly to the new part of the zoo, where you get to meet some our new animals like the rhinos!

What if I have mobility issues?

We do have two disabled Accessible Rooms – our beautiful Capuchin Rooms have both a wheelchair accessible bathroom and a normal bathroom. In uShaka Lodge, the Reef Room and Wild Encounter Room 1 are not Accessible Rooms, but there are no stairs involved. One Jungle Bungalow also has no stairs, while all others and all Giraffe Treehouses have 6 – 8 stairs. If you have trouble walking long distances we can offer mobility scooters for the tours, but you will need to book these and we also do offer a bus pick up for dinner.

Can I bring my own favourite drink?

Because of the potentially dangerous environment you are in, we have very strict rules regarding Responsible Service of Alcohol. We are not permitted to allow outside drinks to be bought into Jamala. We have some great wines and beers to enjoy.

Terms and Conditions of advertising discounts

  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or special.
  • Discount applies to room rate only.
  • Discount offer must be mentioned at time of booking.
  • Subject to room availability.
  • One discount valid per booking.
  • Discount valid for one night only / first night of booking.
  • Discount only applies to bookings made on or before the advertised offer deadline – bookings can be for a later date.

Can I feed the animals? 

Our beautiful animals are on strict diets to ensure they have a long and healthy life. We take it very seriously and under no circumstances can you feed or touch our animals without a guide’s permission. You can organise encounters with Jamala Reception if you do want to experience feeding your favourite animals.

How many people fit into each room?

 Maximum guests  Maximum adults
uShaka Lodge  
Capuchin Rooms 2 2
Reef Room 3 3
Meerkat Room 3 3
Wild Encounter Room 4 3
Meerkat Suite 6 4
Shark Grand Suite 6 4
Giraffe Treehouses 4 3
Jungle Bungalows   4 3

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